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Teeth Whitening Ryde

Teeth whitening lighten teeth and facilitate getting rid of stains and discolouration. Teeth whitening is among the foremost standard cosmetic dental procedures. Results will improve how your teeth look and improve your confidence.



Bleaching is ideal for undamaged teeth that only need lightening in colour. Once the custom made tray has been fitted, you are able to do the bleaching at home, and the tray can be reused later.

Our team is experienced in administering our professional in chair teeth whitening treatment. We make sure your gums and lips are protected during your treatment. We take great pride in ensuring you’re fully relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure in our state of the art dental clinic.

After your treatment, our team make sure to go through all post op instruction to ensure you keep your brilliant smile sparkling. This also includes a take home kit in our offer to keep you smiling perfectly for all your special occasions.

In chair: Our trained staff place unique guards and gels to help protect your gums and lips. After which we apply the bleaching gel to your teeth and activate it using an LED light. After 4-8 minute sessions you will leave the clinic with a whiter and brighter smile.

Take home kit: An intra oral 3D scan of your mouth is taken by our staff or an impression which is then given to our in house laboratory technicians who can make your very own personal bleaching trays. This process can be done on the same day or in 24 hrs. After which we give you your take home bleach kits. We will talk you through how to use your brand new take home kit. 

AdvantageIn ChairTake Home
Treatment Time1 Visit5
Cosmetic Results3-42-3
Lifestyle ImpactNo Coloured Foods For 2 Days5

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